Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Current #9


"If thou hast the right, O Erin, to a champion of battle to aid thee thou hast the head of a hundred thousand, Declan of Ardmore"

If Pat is planning on using the name Declan, he had better use it now. Insiders report that the name ranks high on the list of several family members who wouldn't mind having their own Declan. Declan makes an excellant name for an Notre Dame shooting guard or perhaps a Republican Congressman.

In coming weeks, Declan will likely climb into the top five. Already there are reports that both Ryan and Aidan have slipped and slipped badly. If this were the Democratic Primary, Ryan would be Howard Dean and Aidan would be Dennis Kucinich.

For many reasons, Declan seems to make sense for Pat. And of course, it should not be over looked that St. Declan was a contemporary of St. Patrick.

About St. Declan:


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