Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Current #4


For the past decade, a few highly respected nameologists have been predicting that Connell would be the next big Irish name. For reasons not readily apperent, Connell remains an enigma. Solid, lyrical, manly and traditional, Connell would appear to be the perfect name should Pat be willing to step outside the mainstream.

While some may question ranking such an untested name so high so early, keep in mind that at any moment the name Connell may burst onto the scene and soar to the top of the name charts. Thirty years from now, Pat's grandchild may well be in kindergarten with the likes of Connell Kowolski and Connell Martinez.

About St. Connell:

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Current #3


An American innovation made popular by a third rate actor, Ryan as a first name was virtually unheard of in Ireland until very recently. Nevertheless, westside soccer fields are now literally riddled with little Ryan's who most often attend the local government school.

Stll the name has a certain charm and could serve as a compromise name if the baby remains unnamed a few days after birth.

About St. Ryan:

Monday, December 27, 2004

Current #2


Long one of Pat's favorites, some have questioned whether the name flows with the last name. Famed golfer Ronan Rafferty has given the name some added gravitas, but these gains may be off set by this guy: Ronan Keating.

Look for Ronan to remain a strong contender throughout the first two trimesters and perhaps emerge victorious if Rafferty wins a major. (Warning: If Ronan Keating wins an Emmy, this name could drop out of the top twenty.)

About St. Ronan:

Sunday, December 26, 2004

The Frontrunner


Trendy and Rocky Riverish while at the same time traditional and Irish, most experts have annointed Aidan as the early frontrunner for Pat's baby. Of course, only very rarely does a frontrunner remain in the lead all nine months. Aidan's best chance may be to fade in early February and resurface in late July.

However it plays out, if one were forced to put some money on it, Aidan would have to be the early choice.

About St. Aidan: